Digital Creative

Hi! I’m a digital creative!
I have a history in filmmaking but
have recently been exploring the digital landscape.

My skills are in filmmaking, concept development and animation for the curious one.
I can also contribute with UX/UI, web, and design.


Read more about the projects I've worked on.


Workaround has during it’s year of existence created a substantial presence in the office space rental market. But this is not the full extent of the service. To keep on growing and branch out we needed to reach a new market. The way we aim to do this is in the form of a mobile application that should focus on handling mainly the rentals of short-term office spaces.

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AppInMed is a company that creates applications within the medical care system for clinics and patients. They wanted us to digitalize medical care from the patient’s perspective so we came up with an idea and concept that will create a tighter bond between patients and medical care system.

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EU-election campaign 2019

As a digital producer at swedish green party, we decided to create the campain for the european election inhouse. This involved creating a visual profile and strategy as well as posters and advertisement.


Sverige för UNHCR

For this project, Sverige för UNHCR wanted to highlight the importance of a thin threaded tent. At the moment, the tents at UNHCR refugee camps are 1mm. Very thin, yet enough to make an impact.

Agency: Granath Reklam

Production: Chimney Group

Rädda Barnen

This is an advertisment for Rädda Barnen with the purpose to raise awarness that 3/4 of the world’s nations still don’t have strict laws agains child abuse.

Agency: Chimney Group

Production: Chimney Group


A collection of various productions I've worked on through out the past 5 years.


Creative direction

Leading communication design,
interactive design, and concept
forward of creative work.

Graphic design

The art of commuication,
stylizing, and problem solving
through the use of type and

Experience design

A focus placed on the quality of
the user experience and
culturally relevant solutions.


Developing ideas based on a
narrative view point.


Visually displaying a story
through the click of an iris.

Video & animation

Producing and conceptulizing
stories and creative products
using motion pictures and